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Ahmed Khalaf Al Falasi

One of the youngest researchers in the heritage of the Emirates
A writer about heritage who aspires to write a series of stories for children
He has a black belt in taekwondo
He loves Lego and football

I have many talents and hobbies
Like reading and writing stories
Innovation and programming, and he has won many awards in these fields at the state level and abroad.
Many of my works have been published in books and short story collections, and my innovations have been showcased
At many exhibitions and innovation days in school and outside it.
I won many awards
I was honored for my academic excellence in all academic levels.
I won first place at the school and district levels several times, and won the Emirates Development Award, Outstanding Student Category, and the Hamdan Award for Distinguished Academic Performance.

Distinguished Student Category, Mohammed bin Khalid Generations Award, and others.
The last award I won was the Sharjah Award for Educational Excellence in the Outstanding Student category
In all my excellence
The award criteria included academic excellence and innovation
Technical creativity, reading and writing skills, and finally social communication and volunteering.
I was very happy to win the award, as were my family and friends.
I became the pride of my family and a role model
For my peers, I consider this a motivation for me to do more in the present and in the future.
I aspire to be a novelist, innovator, and programmer, and I also received leadership support for my career
In excellence, I hope to return this favor and represent my country well